Where to Find Security Guard Jobs

There has been no better time to start a career in the security profession. A high crime rate due in large part to our troubled economy has created a need for reliable, talented security officers.Below, are some places to find security jobs. It makes sense to apply for as many guard positions as possible so you choose what you like the best.

Event staff: these jobs are the most readily available. Concerns, various types of shows, ballgames are always looking for security staff security guards London. Keep apprised as what is going on in your community. Call and find out if they are hiring security staff. What’s great about event security is that it’s a quick, easy way to build your resume, if you are new to the business.

Commercial building security: most large buildings require security staff to make sure visitors are properly checked-in and that tenants are safe and secure. The easiest, fastest way to find out if any building security staff is needed is to simply visit properties in your area. Ask the officer on duty, if there is one, where to apply for the job. Usually, these jobs are contracted out to security guard companies.

Security guard companies: these firms are dedicated to hiring security staff for clients. They act as agents, providing those who need security guards with candidates that they screen. In general, you make less money when you work for a security guard company rather than working in-house for the client directly, but guard company provide more available work so it’s a trade off. Find out what guard companies in your area and visit them and apply. Dress well, bring a resume, if you have one, and be polite.

Retail security: many retail stores hire security staff to act as loss prevention. These officers also serve a customer service function. Usually, these positions are standing posts so you must be able to be on your feet for long periods of time.


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